Worship By Phil Goldstone and Band
Evening Speakers –

Rob Tervet – Pastor of Attleborough Christ Community Church
Canon Andrew White – Vicar of Bagdad, Winner of Iraqi Peace Prize, lots of things!
Ximena Gonzalez – Missionary from Columbia
Pete Young – Youth Pastor of Oak Grove and Theologian

Seminar speakers Including:
Matt Becket (folCHURCH) | Andy Eyre (Norwich Central Baptist Church) | Freddy Hedley (Westminster Theological Centre) | Michelle Smith (Morning Star Ministries) | Matt Schwarzenburger (folCHURCH) | Matt Morton (Hope Community Church) | Phil Goldstone (Kingdon Life Church) | Julian Bryant (Christian Aid) | Rachael and Noel Alexander (Prophetic Lighthouse) | Bethany Green (Rosedale Community Church) | Paige Squirrel (Beacon Church) | Joey Graver (DNA)

Games with James Shipman and Ryan Trevor
Pete Young is heading up Young Team

For the full Line up, seminars and run sheet:

Intents Line Up 2018