Advice for girls coming to Intents this year – written by an original Intents girl!:

Ladies, take a good look at this list, memorise it and keep hold of it! Here are 10 secrets you will need to survive Intents!

#1 Dry shampoo is your best friend, buy it in bulk and use it every day.
#2 Baby wipes are saviours! Sticky hands, solved. No showers, solved. Make-up mishaps, solved. “Oops I’ve sat in bird poo in the barn,” solved. There is nothing a baby wipe can’t do!
#3 Keep yourself dry, especially your feet! Staying dry = Staying warm. Staying warm = staying happy. Embrace the outdoor waterproof and welly look, it’s timeless!
#4 Invest in some antibacterial hand gel.
#5 Paint your nails a nice light or clear colour before you go, this way your hands will look clean and fresh, it will surprise you how much difference this actually makes! (No one likes dirty looking nails!)
#6 The go-to look for second day hair should always be a messy bun, this is the classic festival look anyway, so whilst you’re in the right setting, go for it!
#7 Simple natural looking make-up, or no make-up at all, is always better for camping! You never know when the weather may turn on you, with heavy eye make-up, you run the risk of looking like a panda and, let’s face it, no-one wants to see that!
#8 Layer up! This is when that favourite hoodie is going to come into its own. Remember staying warm is important!
#9 Impulse spray = genius! Spray it everywhere, clothes, body, hair, shoes. Go crazy. Believe me, if you smell fresh, you’ll feel fresh.
#10 Always leave the tent with your best smile on. Happy girls shine brighter!