This page contains all the information parents will need and will be updated as relevant questions get asked. This is a bit like another FAQ page, but for parents specifically, because we think it’s important that parents know what’s going on. They are often the most important people in a young person’s lives! (aww)

Parents will often be interested in questions like:

  • Will my little ones be safe?
  • What sort of things should I send them with?
  • What sort of things will they get up to?

– Safety – The charities involved (Archway, Urban Saints and the Fountain Network) are really big on health and safety generally.  Where it all started at the Ashill headquarters we had the highest rated hygiene certificate, we are always above and beyond the “best practice” guidelines that are set for us and we even have our own very highly qualified Health and Safety officer – my point is that with this sort of environment that Intents has come out of, so we are confident in doing Risk Assessments, fire regulations and food safety.

– Child Protection – Again we are very high on what is required for child protection.  All Intents team have to have both an Enhanced CRB/DBS disclosure form AND be approved by Intents leaders. This is all sorted out through Urban Saints.

– What sort of things should I send them with? – that’s best answered here:

– What sort of things will they get up to? – Well there’s lots of running around, including “Wide games” which is often a variation on the traditional game of Capture the Flag.  There are some big water games and also, a more chilled out craft time or similar type activities each day.  At different parts of each day there are seminars on different aspects of life, relationships, decision making, the future, music, morals and loads more. The talks are Christian in outlook and on one of the nights the young people are given a chance to make a decision about whether or not to become a Christian.  We make sure this evening happens at the beginning of the weekend so that the young people can make their own decisions with a clear head and not all tired from camping!   On this note, the network that Intents is part of (and also the team) has a Christian philosophy that likes to talk about God being Father, Jesus and also the Holy Spirit, so at Intents we have one evening meeting where we talk about the Holy Spirit and look at what the Bible says about him and also our own experiences.  Its all normal Church of England stuff really.  We like the idea that people can make a choice about these age old things that are a big part of our heritage and that are still relevant to our lives today.

Other Stuff thats good to know:

Can I call my Child? Yes.  Although Mobile Phones are on site at their owner’s risk, there is good mobile network coverage at the farm, especially for O2 and EE users.   There are also limited facilities for charging mobile phones up, but not for topping up with credit – so bear this in mind!

What time can we arrive? Young people are welcome to arrive from 5pm on the Friday 26th May for week A, parents are welcome to come and set tents up from the Wednesday. No food is provided Friday evening so young people should have eaten before they come to Intents. Week B, young people can arrive from 5pm on Wednesday 31st of May. Again, no food is provided so everyone should have eaten before they come.

What time is bed time? The last of the activities will be finished by 10pm and everyone should be in their tents by 11pm as stated in the Site Rules.  The day starts with breakfast at 8.30 or if your really keen, there’s an early morning prayer time at 7.50ish!

Can I help out? Yes! that would be fantastic, its always lovely to have parents getting involved in the stuff that is going on.  If you could perhaps give a bit of time, or even perhaps bake a cake for example, this would be very welcome!  Please signup on the “Can I Be On Team” Page.

What time is pick up? Everything officially finishes at 5pm on Monday evening.  There might still be some tent clearing up to do but this is a good time to come!

Further information will be obtainable on our FAQs page

If you have any other questions at this stage please email