Intents & Brandon House Farm site Rules and Guidelines


Be sensible and heed the advice….

Don’t leave your brain (or any other essential anatomical items) at home. Use common sense regarding your safety while you’re with us. Intents is a pretty safe place to be- however with loads of people on site, at any one time, it’s good to be aware of whats going on, and these are our tried and tests safety tips! Read them and heed the advice!

 Be street-wise – don’t go off site, don’t arrange to meet anyone in dark corners of the site, and at night make sure you go to your own bed (sleep walking is not a great excuse!).

2) No campfires. Eat the marshmallows raw (they’re less messy that way).

3) Be careful of fire and how flammable tents and things are – no birthday cakes with candles, no lighters or any other naked flames near the tents.

5) Respect the property and buildings on the farm.

6) Remember to drink lots of water.  Should the shy English summer sun decide to grace us with its presence, please (in the words of Baz Luhrman) “use Sunscreen”.

7) Make sure (if you are under 18) your youth leader always knows where you are.

The rules…

1) Youth Leaders are responsible for their under 18’s at all times.

2) Strictly no alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia on site – except for medical purposes. Anyone found in possession of drugs or alcohol may be evicted from the site.

3) After camp setup time, all vehicles must be moved to the designated car park.

4) Smoking is not permitted inside buildings, marquees or individual tents.

5) No mixed-tent/caravan/accommodation on site i.e. No boys and girls sleeping in the same space, unless married.

6) Ball games are to be finished by 10pm – even if there is a nil-nil outcome.

7) However hot it gets, and tempting it seems, there is to be no swimming in the ponds (you wouldn’t want to!).

8) Young people may not move tents from their allocated youth group area.

9) No speeding. When arriving/leaving the site or unloading/packing up please observe a 10mph speed limit at all times.

10) No parking on site (except in designated car parks).

11) Sorry, no dogs on site!  (Megan doesn’t like other dogs and she was there first!)

12) No crossing into any area that has been marked out of bounds by tape, rope or signage.

13) Everyone should be in their tents by 11.00pm

14) No Energy Drinks on site, you have enough energy as it is.

15) Intents, Archway or Brandon House Farm cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to persons or personal property.