Some things that we think would be a great idea to bring! 

Clothes for 3 days – warm and layered – nothing precious

Spare outfit for wet activity

Pjs or warm alternative

Warm hoodie/fleece top

Waterproof Coat

Fleece Blanket for evening

Sun Hat


Optional donate-able Metal Cutlery (Fork, Knife, Spoon), We are inviting people to bring donate-able cutlery. We are wanting to transition to zero plastic and so giving people the option to bring metal cutlery if they would like to help with this. If not, we have still got our plastic ones!  (If you want it back, mark with permanent marker!)


Sun Cream

If you want to bring Baby Wipes, make sure they are biodegradable

Hand Sanitiser

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Personal valuable Items at your own risk

A Thermos mug/Insulated mug for hot drinks (optional but we give a discount because you save a cup!)

Water guns

Bags x 2 (one for dirty clothes/one for rubbish)

Water bottle if thats your sort of thing!



Sleeping bag



Tent (Our advice is try and share a tent with someone (of the same gender!))

Money – there is a Cafe on site that sells all sorts of delicious, often fair-trade things as well as Intents T Shirts and things like that!

Do Not Bring

Energy Drinks! (last thing your youth leader needs you to be drinking before bed!)

No fire or ignition devices (matches/ candles/lighters etc)

We suggest no canvas shoes or girls slip on shoes due to wet grass