Consent forms
Please find below a blank consent form. Consent forms allow for the parent or guardian of young people to give you consent to administer basic medical attention, and act on their behalf, in the case of an emergency involving their child. Consent forms are often used to confirm you know a young person’s parents are aware of the trip, and also to get consent for other matters such as photography for publicity purposes.  If you would like your own copy and want a paper version,  you can download one here: Generic Youth Consent Form Intents.

CRB/DBS information
We like to encourage that good practice and professional conduct of the Youth Work Industry is put in place where possible. A CRB or DBS (Criminal Records Bureau Certificate) is “High Recommendation” when working with young people or Vulnerable people and at Intents we make sure all of our team have one and we think, to make the industry a better place, if you are working with Young People on a regular basis, you should get one! If you have any trouble getting a CRB or perhaps its too expensive, let us know at and we might be able to help out.

Its a good idea as a youth group to have insurance for everything you do. Sadly we live in a blame culture and we’ve all had text messages from unscrupulous companies asking to fane whiplash so that they can sue on our behalf. This has led to a great deal of fear on the part of employers, councils and insurance companies. Its good to have your own Public Liability Insurance, for groups and events you have. Intents is covered by the Urban Saints Off Site Public Liability Insurance,  therefore it is not essential that your group has its own. (but just advisable!)

What is the responsibility of Youth Leaders during the weekend?

The responsibility of the youth worker is:

– The Active Safety of the individual young person.  The Intents team take responsibility for the passive safety – the site, the games, food, activities and so on.  Active safety includes making sure you know where your young people are, ensuring they have access to first aid if they feel sick etc. – Basically all the things that knowing someone personally and having responsibility for them entails.

– Medical/Legal: Youth Leaders have legal guardianship for young people at all times during the event, this includes medical consent in the case of emergencies.  It is essential that Youth Leaders gather “Parental Consent Forms” from all of their young people so that, basic first aid as well as emergency medical care (by 999 Staff) can be given in the event that a parent is not present.

– Behaviour:  Youth leaders must ensure their young people abide by Intents and Site rules at all times.  These can be found in the Appendix

Encouraging young people to engage with the weekend – sometimes young people can become disengaged with what’s going, especially when staying in bed sounds better than a seminar, but encourage them to get involved as much as possible.  When I take my Youth Group to Soul Survivor, I make sure they attend a minimum amount of seminars and activities to make sure they get the most out of their time away.